Wedding fun

Wedding fun
30/05/2015 Pete
Bride selfie

Wedding fun


A special day for the Bemmer family! On Saturday 30 May 2015 my little sister married her childhood love Jamie. With their friend taking care of the ‘proper’ photography, I could relax and enjoy the day without having to scoot around chasing people for photos. Hence the quirky and relaxed approach of my shots.

Wedding cards inside guitar case
Bucket of cold Champagne
Bride and groom figures on top of wedding cake
Bride name place on table
Groom name place on table
Wedding plan poster
Father of the bride in stairwell
Bride and groom with their mothers
Bride and best friend
Groom's friends
Beautiful girl
Bride and groom posing in front of family
Pretty girl blowing a bubble
Father of the bride taking a photo
Wedding jar with candle
Bride and groom in confetti
Bride with best friends


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