Photo Journal – Spring 2015

Photo Journal – Spring 2015
25/05/2015 Pete
Macro shot of a Mint Leaf Beetle

Photo Journal – Spring 2015


One of my favourite times in Brighton. Spring arrives with flowers and insects, Brighton Festival is in full swing and this year April produced long, balmy days of sunshine. I seemed to have covered a lot of photographic styles too: time lapse, macro, sunsets, wildlife, action, night scenes and a few abstract ones too!

Sunset at Brighton's West Pier
Time lapse shot of Brighton traffic on seafront
Hipster girl in sunlight
Macro shot of Crocus
Kiko Bun singing
Man tuning acoustic guitar
Long exposure of Brighton's West Pier
Gull coming in to land at sunset
Car with large amounts of seagull poo
Brighton wheel spinning at night time
Two girls spinning upside down at funfair
Night time basketball court Brighton
Gypsy dancers on stage
Night time lights at Brighton Festival


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